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LiPo Battery 1200mAh 11.1V

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Model: 11.1V 3sell 1200mAh LiPo Battery

Capacity: 1200mAh.
Voltage: 11.1V/3S.
Discharge Rate: 60C.


Name: 11.5V 1200mAh 3S Li-ion Battery
Weight: Approx 116 g
Color: As Shown


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LiPo Battery 1200mAh 11.1V 3 cell

In robotics or any project where power is a major concern, finding an alternative to lithium polymer batteries is a challenge. Lipo Battery 1200mAh 11.1V 3S Lithium polymer battery Pack (LiPo) battery is equipped with heavy-duty discharge leads to minimize resistance and sustain high current loads. This Battery stands up to the punishing extremes of aerobatic flight and RC vehicles. Each pack is equipped with gold-plated connectors and JST-XH style balance connectors.


Specification –

  • Model: 11.1V 3sell 1200mAh LiPo Battery
  • Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Voltage: 11.1V/3S
  • Discharge Rate: 60C

Features of LiPo Battery 1200mAh –

  • Excellent high discharge rate
  • Extra-low internal impedance
  • Discharge in high-temperature
  • Long cycle life and high quality
  • Easy customized, energy density
  • Low self-discharge etc.

Info about lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries –

A lithium polymer (LiPo) battery, or more correctly lithium-ion polymer battery is a rechargeable battery of lithium-ion technology using a polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid electrolyte. These batteries provide higher specific energy than other lithium battery types and are used in applications where weight is a critical feature, such as mobile devices, radio-controlled aircraft, and some electric vehicles. High-conductivity semisolid (gel) polymers form this electrolyte.

LiPo batteries are now almost ubiquitous when used to power commercial and hobby drones (unmanned aerial vehicles), radio-controlled aircraft, radio-controlled cars, and large-scale model trains, where the advantages of lower weight and increased capacity and power delivery justify the price. Test reports warn of the risk of fire when the batteries are not used in accordance with the instructions. The voltage for long-time storage of LiPo battery used in the R/C model should be 3.6~3.9V range per cell, otherwise, it may cause damage to the battery.

Heavy-duty discharge leads are included with the LiPo Battery 1200mAh 11.1V 3S Lithium polymer battery Pack (LiPo) battery to reduce resistance and support high current loads.


How does lithium polymer (LiPo) battery work?

LiPos work on the principle of intercalation and de-intercalation of lithium ions from a positive electrode material and a negative electrode material, with the liquid electrolyte providing a conductive medium. To prevent the electrodes from touching each other directly, a microporous separator is in between which allows only the ions and not the electrode particles to migrate from one side to the other.


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