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HW-040 Rotary Encoder Module

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Model: HW-040.

Working voltage: 5V.

Material: PCB + Brass.

Mechanical angle: 360 Degrees.

Output: 2-bit gray code.

Positions per revolution: 30.

Weight: 10g.

Size: 32 x 19 x 30mm.

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HW-040 rotary encoder is a device that generates an electrical signal based on how much the
rotary input device (knob) is rotated and the direction it is rotating in. It is a position sensor with a knob and can be used to control stepper or servo motors with precision.


Model: HW-040

Working voltage: 5V

Material: PCB + Brass

Mechanical angle: 360 Degrees

Output: 2-bit gray code

Positions per revolution: 30

Weight: 10g

Size: 32 x 19 x 30mm

Pin Configuration of KY-040 Rotary Encoder

The KY-040 module has 5 output pins. Two of which are for the power of the module whereas, 3 are for the output data of the turns and direction of the knob. The table below describes the pin type and the function of each pin in the Rotary module.

Pin TypeDescription
CLKEncoder Pin A
DTEncoder Pin B
SWNo push-button switch
VCC(+)Voltage input(+5V)
GNDGround(Encoder Pin C)


Package included:

1 x HW-040 rotary decoder module


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