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CR2032 3V button battery

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  • IEC code of the battery is CR2032
  • Power Management, Portable Devices, Consumer Electronics, Industrial
  • NEDA code of battery is 5004LC
  • Available in 2032 standard size
  • The battery voltage is 3V
  • Battery capacity is 210mAh
  • Usable temperature range of -20°C to 70°C
  • The standard discharge current is 0.1mA
  • Battery weight is 3.2g
  • 96% of customers would recommend it to a friend.

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CR2032 3V Lithium Battery Coin Cell Button Type CR2032 Lithium Watch Batteries CR 2032 


CR2032 Battery 3V CR2032 Watch Battery CR2032 Button Cell Battery CR2032 Coin Cell Battery CR2032 Lithium Cell Battery 3V Battery For Watch

These are the highest quality & capacity batteries, the same as shipped with the cufflinks, necklace, Datalogging, and One battery per order (you’ll want one battery per cufflink or pendant.)

Brand may vary but all battery brands are verified to have the same nominal voltage of 3.0V and nominal capacity of 225mAh.

They are for different uses such as watches, calculators, toys, cameras, ornaments or luminous memories, lamps, Mother Board and many more uses


  • Long life
  • Superior finish
  • High Efficiency
  • This battery works well with any device requiring CR2032


These CR2032, 3V Batteries can be used to power your watches, keyless entry systems, eBook readers, toys, games, and diabetes monitors so they can be used for a long time. Compatible with most watches, keyless entry devices, eBooks, toys, games, glucose monitors, and other handheld devices.

Technical Specifications Of The CR2032 Battery


CR2032 Battery Nominal Voltage:3 Volts
Capacity   ≈235 mAh
Operating Temperature:0°C – 60°C
Height:3.2 mm
Width (Diameter):20 mm
Chemistry:Lithium Coin

Safety Precautions for batteries :

  1. Avoid short-Circuit battery terminals.
  2. Do not put it in high-temperature conditions.
  3. Don’t throw it into the fire or water after use


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What are CR2032 Batteries?

The CR2032 battery is a non-rechargeable battery is a coin-cell battery that utilizes lithium chemistry. These batteries are used in a wide range of applications

Where are CR2032 batteries used?

The CR2032 battery is used in a wide variety of devices and applications including computer motherboards, car key fobs, watches, calculators, PDAs, electronic organizers, garage door openers, toys, games, door chimes, pet collars, LED lights, sporting goods, pedometers, calorie counters, stopwatches, medical devices etc.


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