10uF 50V Capacitor

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  • Capacitor Type: Radial Lead;
  • Voltage: 50V;
  • Capacitance:10uF;
  • Capacitance Tolerance:±15%
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • External Material: Aluminum
  • Operating Temperature Min: -40°C
  • Operating Temperature Max: 85°C

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This 10uF 50V capacitor is a good quality radial polarized Electrolytic capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors are widely used in switched-mode power supplies, DC-DC converters, and power supplies. This capacitor has a long life, low leakage current, and wide operating range.

Features of 10uF 50V Electrolytic Capacitor:

  • Capacitance: 10uF
  • Maximum Voltage: 50 Volts
  • Tolerance: ±15%
  • Capacitor Type: Radial Through Hole Electrolytic
  • Polarization: Yes. Line with ‘-‘ denotes negative lead
  • Max Temperature: +85°C


Mechanical Drawing of 10uF 50V Electrolytic Capacitor

4.7uF 50V Electrolytic Capacitor



1 x 10uF 50V Electrolytic Capacitor


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