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Line Follower Sensor Array (8 Sensors)

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Line Follower Sensor Array (8 Sensors)

Make your own line-following robot and participate in competitions with this high-quality Line Follower Sensor Array. Using this high-quality sensor array, your robot can locate nearby objects or lines easily and accurately. It is made to move automatically and adhere to the created storyline. It is frequently used in Arduino robot projects to guide your robot by quickly and accurately distinguishing between white and black. This does not require to be assembled. If you want to assemble the components yourself, then you can choose the unassembled Line Follower Sensor Array Kit

Product Details –

High Quality Customized PCB
Sensor: TCRT 5000
Number of Sensors: 8
Input: 5V
Output : Analog

What is a Line Follower Robot (LFR)?

A robot that can track lines and follow them along a predetermined path that can be changed by moving the lines is called a “line follower robot.”  A line follower robot is one of the most common projects in robotics in Bangladesh and worldwide too. Modern robots are capable of differentiating between colors, allowing them to accurately follow one line out of many. These tools have a variety of practical uses in addition to being contestants in robotics and computing competitions. Robots in warehouses, for instance, can follow lines to pick up and deliver goods along a predetermined path.
A chassis must be able to support the line follower robot design so that it can move, whether on wheels or by some other means of propulsion. In order to process information, it also requires onboard computing and detection devices to find lines. A basic camera offers a quick and affordable way to find and follow lines. The input from the camera is translated by a processor, which also directs the robot’s motion.

লাইন ফলোয়ার সেন্সর অ্যারে (৮ সেন্সর)

এটি একটি  রেডি করা মডিউল। আন-এসেম্বল্ড লাইন ফলোয়ার সেন্সর অ্যারে কিট চাইলে ক্লিক করুন Line Follower Sensor Array Kit