SONOFF T1 UK WIFI Smart Wall Touch Switch (3 Gang)

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Power Supply: 90V-250V AC
Max. Current: 2A/250V/gang
Max. Power: 600W/gang
Wireless Standard: WiFi 2.4GHz & 433MHz RF
Material: ABS V0+ Toughened Glass Panel
Dimension: 86mm*86mm
Weight: 130.0g


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SONOFF T1 UK 1-3 Gang WIFI Smart Wall Touch Switch

With the SONOFF T1 UK 1-3 Gang WIFI Smart Wall Touch Switch, you can control your home’s fans, lights, etc. from anywhere in the world through an app. For that, you need to have wifi at home. You can control it through the app and its touch switch will work directly without internet or app.


  • Remote ON/OFF–Turn lights on/off from anywhere
  • App Support – iOS and Android mobile App
  • RF Remote control–Turn on/off by 433MHz RF Remote indoors
  • Independent control–Control each gang separately
  • Timing–Set scheduled/countdown timers to turn on/off at the specified time
  • Share Control– Control your smart home together with your family
  • Scene–Turn on/off a gang of devices with one tap
  • Smart Scene–Triggered on/off by temp, humidity, or other environmental conditions from the sensor
  • Compatibility –Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

The Sonoff T1 UK Smart Wall Touch Switch series are three-gang, 86-type premium smart switches that can be controlled by an app or an RF signal. Users can remotely turn on or off connected lights or appliances from anywhere at any time by adding the wireless wall switch to the iOS/Android app eWeLink through WiFi. The touch light switch can be turned on and off indoors after successfully learning codes with a 433MHz RF Remote. Transform your house into a stylish smart home that you can control from anywhere at any time!

Be aware that the T1 must be powered by both live and neutral wires. Neutral wire on the wall switch is absent in some homes.

You can make countdown or planned timers to automatically turn on and off devices using the eWeLink app.


SONOFF T1 UK 1-3 Gang WIFI Smart Wall Touch Switch দিয়ে বিশ্বের যেকোন প্রান্ত থেকে আপনার বাসার ফ্যান, লাইট ইত্যাদি এ্যাপের মাধ্যমে কন্ট্রোল করতে পারবেন। তার জন্য আপনার বাসায় ওয়াইফাই থাকতে হবে। এ্যাপের মাধ্যমে এটি কন্ট্রোল করতে পারবেন তাছাড়া এটির টাচ সুইচ ইন্টারনেট বা এ্যাপ ছাড়াও সরাসরি কাজ করবে।

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